Mike Bonomo’s ECHO

Mike Bonomo is a busy man.  With many projects currently in pre-production, his latest short ECHO is now live.

The synopsis: A man reliving the anniversary of the passing of his wife deals with the tragedy in his own way.

Written, Directed, Edited & Shot By: Michael Bonomo
Produced By: Kyle Klein
Music By: Kristen Baum
Sound Design By: Joe Iemola
Starring: John Bonavia and Sara Drust

Principle Photography Completed – Mike Bonomo’s ASSASSIN(S)

Reel Trasher, Mike Bonomo has been quite busy recently.  Tackling multiple shorts in the past couple of months, he has most recently completed principle photography on ASSASSIN(S).

When asked about the project, Mike simply stated: Two assassins meet at a murder scene. One is a wannabe. One is a pro. The pro decides to impart some wisdom on the wannabe…in his own way.

Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for updates!

News Flash for the [Route 66] Project!

Impressive set of Ghost Hunting equipment that is being loaned out to us from one of our kick-ass supporters!

This is equipment is for use on our next film project. Find out more by going to: The Six on Route 66

2 pelican briefcases
2 flash light heads
2 digital voice recorders
2 emf senors (different versions)
1 tape voice recorder (oldie but still works)
1 infrared thermal reader
1 guardian room detector

Guess this means we should get out there and film the equipment in the wild. Know any good haunted places in LA Area?