Turd Doppler – Teasing 30 Seconds of Funny

The Reel Trash gang has shot, edited and completed a 30 second short for the FANTASTIC FEST bumper contest.

Given the sub-genre of “INAPPROPRIATE” we did our best to get dirty and make others dirty too.

Dave and I (Cathie) came up with the idea of TURD DOPPLER, we rounded up Mike to helm the camera and we wrangled our actor friend Kyle to get good and messy.

The shoot was last Friday, September 10 and we took over my sister’s backyard armed with chocolate and pistachio pudding, some Jell-O and a strange bug creature.

It was a quick shoot and we all had a good time!! Here I am to share some behind the scenes photos before we unleash our 30 seconds to the internets.

I Flip You Off!

A Cool Turd Shot

And we are wrapped!

There you have it, a look at our quick and dirty production! Dave and I spent the very next day editing and after almost 4 hours we got our sloppy 30 seconds all set in order to a very catchy tune.

The TURD DOPPLER is complete!! The DVD has been sent off to the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE and now we just wait and see if we’re lucky enough to be chosen as FANTASTIC FEST Bumper winners!! Finger Crossed! Stay tuned for the video, we’re going to post it up very, very, very, very, soon! Hope you’ll come back to watch and laugh.


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