Editing Our Comedy Short – EXPLODING POSTEMS!

It’s funny the way silly ideas come to fruition. A passing thought, joke or comment can blossom into something awesome and so it is with our EXPLODING POSTEMS idea.

Beware Exploding Postems! Beware!

Earlier this Summer the REEL TRASH team got together to film EXPLODING POSTEMS, (even before we made TURD DOPPLER) starring our friend and lovely actress Julia and Reel Trash contributor Aaron. With Dave directing,  Mike behind the camera and me (Cathie) producing we all spent two hot hot days shooting in an office space in the Valley of Los Angeles.

With all our footage “in the can” we got to editing right away, but then hit a few speed bumps with computer issues and well things come up, like TRUD DOPPLER, but the whole time we’ve been putting the bits and pieces together to get EXPLODING POSTEMS done and ready to share with the world.

Back in the editing phase full time it’s really coming together and we want to share what’s making us giddy in our dark little corners. So here’s a few pictures of what we’ve got in store. Hope you dig it! We’re going for a real big BANG!

Julia Has Fist Pumping Power!!

Aaron Is In Exploding Postem Pain!!

Stay tuned for more! You’re world will ignite with our awesome and you’ll want EXPLODING POSTEMS too!


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