Mike Bonomo’s ECHO

Mike Bonomo is a busy man.  With many projects currently in pre-production, his latest short ECHO is now live.

The synopsis: A man reliving the anniversary of the passing of his wife deals with the tragedy in his own way.

Written, Directed, Edited & Shot By: Michael Bonomo
Produced By: Kyle Klein
Music By: Kristen Baum
Sound Design By: Joe Iemola
Starring: John Bonavia and Sara Drust


Principle Photography Completed – Mike Bonomo’s ASSASSIN(S)

Reel Trasher, Mike Bonomo has been quite busy recently.  Tackling multiple shorts in the past couple of months, he has most recently completed principle photography on ASSASSIN(S).

When asked about the project, Mike simply stated: Two assassins meet at a murder scene. One is a wannabe. One is a pro. The pro decides to impart some wisdom on the wannabe…in his own way.

Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for updates!

News Flash for the [Route 66] Project!

Impressive set of Ghost Hunting equipment that is being loaned out to us from one of our kick-ass supporters!

This is equipment is for use on our next film project. Find out more by going to: The Six on Route 66

2 pelican briefcases
2 flash light heads
2 digital voice recorders
2 emf senors (different versions)
1 tape voice recorder (oldie but still works)
1 infrared thermal reader
1 guardian room detector

Guess this means we should get out there and film the equipment in the wild. Know any good haunted places in LA Area?

Production Continues and More Turd Doppler Flashbacks

The Reel Trash Gang is here!! We continue to work on plans for the next short, which is still being kept secret at this point, but I will share that the storyboards are being drawn. The creative juices are flowing and if you’ve seen TURD DOPPLER then you know we take our “juices” and other “fluids” quite seriously.

Speaking of TURD DOPPLER, the 30 second short is still being passed around and everyone is laughing along with us. We have our fingers crossed that it will grace the screens of the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE in Austin, Texas during the FANTASTIC FEST that starts the 23rd of this month. Please cross your fingers for us too! We want to world to be aware of the TURD DOPPLER bug which is still on the loose!

While I’m at it and worrying about foreign bugs I’ll share’s a few more pictures from the TURD DOPPLER production…

This little guy is our cute little embryo Doppler…

Here we have Dave directing Mike and Kyle

Just Do It!

And last but certainly not least our actor Kyle who got to chill out and work on his tan as we all looked on…

This concludes our Monday update. We hope you stay tuned for more news as we will be following FANTASTIC FEST closely for reports of what hits their screen and any reactions TURD DOPPLER gets.

If you’re interested in our next project comment and let us know, maybe we’ll share some of our storyboards next.

Let’s hear it for indie cinema! Reel Trash is here to cause some trouble, cinematic trouble. Look Out!

Turd Doppler – Teasing 30 Seconds of Funny

The Reel Trash gang has shot, edited and completed a 30 second short for the FANTASTIC FEST bumper contest.

Given the sub-genre of “INAPPROPRIATE” we did our best to get dirty and make others dirty too.

Dave and I (Cathie) came up with the idea of TURD DOPPLER, we rounded up Mike to helm the camera and we wrangled our actor friend Kyle to get good and messy.

The shoot was last Friday, September 10 and we took over my sister’s backyard armed with chocolate and pistachio pudding, some Jell-O and a strange bug creature.

It was a quick shoot and we all had a good time!! Here I am to share some behind the scenes photos before we unleash our 30 seconds to the internets.

I Flip You Off!

A Cool Turd Shot

And we are wrapped!

There you have it, a look at our quick and dirty production! Dave and I spent the very next day editing and after almost 4 hours we got our sloppy 30 seconds all set in order to a very catchy tune.

The TURD DOPPLER is complete!! The DVD has been sent off to the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE and now we just wait and see if we’re lucky enough to be chosen as FANTASTIC FEST Bumper winners!! Finger Crossed! Stay tuned for the video, we’re going to post it up very, very, very, very, soon! Hope you’ll come back to watch and laugh.