Fantastic Fest Bumper Results

The Fantastic Fest is almost over and this past Monday, September 27 the film awards were announced and the bumper contest winner was chosen. Sadly Reel Trash’s TURD DOPPLER was not the winner. But with 200+ views on YouTube we’re glad people are watching and having a few laughs. Yeah, go watch TURD DOPPLER again:

But since it’s not just about our little video world, we are sharing the other bumpers and offer our congratulations to the  winner CHERRY PIE. It is grossly inappropriate and now you can watch it and be grossed out too:


We’d also like to share another bumper which did hit the Alamo Drafthouse big screen and was made by many of our Austin pals, it’s called PLAN B and delivers some naughty zombies.

Up next is a bumper made by Austin-ite Brian Kelly who’s @BTSjunkie on Twitter and a close friend of Cathie’s. His bumper is called THE SCRATCHING POST:

Once more, CONGRATS to CHERRY PIE and here’s hoping that there’s still a chance for TURD DOPPLER to hit the big screen before FANTASTIC FEST ends on September 30th!