The Six on Route 66 [indiegogo]

Our latest project is up on Indiegogo (a crowd sourcing site) and we’re looking for your help to get it made. Check out the link above to find out more about the film, what your (tax deductable) donation is going towards and the sweet PERKS we are giving away to anyone who helps.



MUSE – A Movie In The Making

The REEL TRASH gang was formed to work on film making projects together and help support each other in our own little endeavors.

Right now MIKE is working to raise funding for his feature film project MUSE.

MUSE – Greatness requires a sacrifice…Writer Jeff has had a taste of success early in his career and he’s under a deadline to deliver his next big project. While struggling to find inspiration and fighting fears of failure he takes on a new assistant named Lorne. Through the stress, collaboration and signs of progress Jeff slips into his claustrophobic imagination and MUSE “explores what happens when the veil between fantasy and reality begins to crumble, a dark morality tale that looks at how desire for something more, something better, can sometimes cost more than you’re willing to pay.”

For more information on the film and how you can help a movie dream come truevisit Mike’s IndieGoGo site and contribute. IndieGoGo allows users of various artistic mediums to raise the necessary capital through a form of mass collaboration known as crowd sourcing. This new form of funding has allowed many burgeoning feature and documentary filmmakers to get their first project off the ground.

Check it out!


Pass on the word about MUSE! (Click any MUSE link and see the IndieGoGo page!!!)

REEL TRASH is doing what we can and it’s all for the love of movies! “Let’s get into trouble baby.”